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Software for CLO, debt and private equity fund management

The Olympus Platform

Built to power
your investment team.

The Olympus Platform full of tools that CLOs, Debt, and Private Equity fund managers use to improve performance.


Configure and maintain CLO’s,
reconcile with trustees, and generate portfolio simulations.


Maintain position activity and
monitor performance.


Manage deal lifecycle data
and interactions.


Optimize account management, capital calls, distributions and account statements.


Manage the capital raising from prospecting to close.


Manage CLO compliance with automated indenture configuration, test templates, hypothetical simulations, and integrated loan administration.


Process loan, bond and equity trade tickets.


Manage the execution of pre-settlement and settlement activities.

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Data room

Next generation secure online document repositories.
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Put your investment team in the drivers seat

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05 September, 2023

Investors Focus on ESG KPI Reporting and How Technology Solutions are Helping Managers

Consumers and investors increasingly recognize the importance of sustainable practices and responsible investing. As a result, collecting and analyzing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data has become a mandate for GPs and portfolio company management teams. Data-driven technology solutions like Olympus and JIST are defining the path forward.

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07 August, 2023

Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO) Market 2023-24 Outlook and How AI and Tech Solutions are Helping Managers

A look into the Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO) market for 2023-24. How advanced AI and technology solutions like Olympus are revolutionizing management tactics, enhancing performance, and reshaping the financial ecosystem for both investors and managers.

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