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Intelligent marketing software

Bring in new customers and grow the customer accounts you already have.

The Platform



Aggregates a single
view of a customer

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Builds segments and insights
on your customer base.

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Personalizes customer experiences. Automating
targeting and planned interactions for customers.

360 customer view

Customer journey
Unified User Profile

Identify & view a complete profile of every visitor, lead, and customer. Collect data from every touch point and view in single user timeline.


Powerful Segments

Filter visitors, subscribers, and customers based on behavior or behavioral segments, and run personalized automations.

Insights Leading Action

Custom dashboard with data you need and visualize your KPIs for better tracking and faster achievement


Create tags to identify any number of audience segments; every user, on your system or off, can be linked with multiple tags.


Customer Project Insights
Actionable Dashboard

Easily access a custom dashboard to visualize your KPIs improving tracking and enabling real-time adjustments.

Identify Customer Visits

Know when an identified customer or lead visits your sites, and execute automations designed to increase conversions or increase CLV.



Customer 360 Tool

Aggregates a single view of a customer

Segments and Insights

Builds the segments and insights on your individual customers and your customer base

Interaction Orchestrator

Automates the triggering, targeting and planned interactions with your customers

Implementation and Support
  • Marketing software integrations
  • Ecommerce software integrations
  • Custom funnel set-up
  • Basic reporting set-up
  • Coordination and placement of your online ad campaign
  • Chat, email and SMS automation
  • User journey heat map set-up
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Call center integration
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced targeting and ad
  • Ad creation (design and copy)
  • Offline (retail etc) integration
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